Method to make delicious pure coffee

In order to make a cup of delicious pure coffee, besides choosing quality coffee powder, the preparation method is also very important.

Cafe24h will guide you through the process, of how to make a cup of pure coffee, the correct way to endure the perfect taste and endulgence.

Materials and supplies:

Pure coffee: (you can choose products of Cafe24h).
Coffee filter: an aluminum filter is the best, it should be a thick aluminum filter which is evenly cut, a reasonably allocated filter).

Water taken from the tap (do not use bottled water).
Add original coffee powder into the filter, the amount of coffee is a ratio of 4/10 or 5/10 filter.
Gently shake, to flatten the coffee powder over the surface, and then use the cover to press slightly (a strong press will clog, too light a press will make the coffee flow quickly and will not be densed).
Take the cover out. You can pour boiling water on to the metal cover so that the coffee is soaked and raised at the bottom, then gently and directly pour boiling water over the coffee powder. Boil the water at a temperature of 95 to 100 degrees Celsius (if being an electric kettle), pour coffee immediately when the electricity is off.

The way to pour water:
Evenly sprinkle the circle in a gentle way (the way to sprinkle water can also affect the quality of the coffee) when at the what water level you should stop?
In the morning or afternoon, if you need to drink a stronger coffee, you should use less water.
In the evening, if you need to drink a mildly strong coffee, you should use more water.
Cover and wait! pure coffee powder should have time to aspirate and penetrate with boiling water to rise,  then reapply the water to the coffee.
Initially, the coffee will not drip right down the filter, after 2 minutes the coffee will continuously drip down into the cup.
Finally, add sugar, milk or ice.
The ideal colour of the coffee must be puce.


Pure coffee after making several times, is still very delicious and nutritious, which is no less than the first time. After you have finished the coffee for the first time, continue to pour boiling water and fill for a second time.
Fill up the filter. When drinking, add a little sugar and numerous ice, stir well and wait for 4 minutes to drink. At that time, the water is very cold and you should drink each large mouthful (like drinking ice tea) to enjoy the great taste.

Making a coffee with condensed milk: the ratio of milk is 3-4/10, and coffee is 6-7/10. Milk should be added to the cup first and then put the coffee filter in like stated above. Hot water helps to ripen the milk. mix coffee and milk.

Remember: When making coffee with condensed milk, do not add sugar.

we wish you will be able to make many cups of delicious coffee from Cafe24h!


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