Procedures to make standard roasting / grinding coffee

Pure roasting and grinding coffee is simply understood as 100% coffee. Do not mix anything else. So how to produce and process standard pure roasting and grinding coffee? Let's find out together. Here we only talk about important steps in the production and processing of fresh coffee. Basically, we ensure that coffee beans are produced and processed in high quality.

Classification of roasting / grinding coffee beans

Coffee is currently being processed in two ways: dry processing and wet processing. Although the bean size classification is the same, the other criteria of the wet processed coffee are higher.

The purpose of classifying coffee beans is to remove the black, defects, molds and substandard beans. Choice of good and uniform materials, make the processing easier and increase the quality of products.

Unroasted coffee beans have many different sizes and different types, so economic value is accordingly different. Coffee is classified according to its size based on factors such as screening size, percentage of formation, percentage of broken black beans, percentage of impurities, moisture content.

Roasting stage of coffee

In the process of producing fresh coffee, the roasting stage is the most important and critical to the quality of the finished coffee. Under the influence of temperature, chemical reactions take place and form the typical flavor and color.

After the roasting process, coffee beans have reduced mechanical strength and increased brittleness. Then, under the effect of mechanical force, in the process of grinding, coffee beans are easily broken.

Cooling stage of coffee

Coffee after roasting has high temperature making the newly generated flavor mixture to continue evaporating which results in loss of flavor. Therefore, to avoid loss of flavor, coffee after roasting must be cooled as quickly as possible.


Grinding stage of fresh coffee beans

The grinding process of roasted coffee beans has the main purpose of reducing the size of coffee beans, breaking the inherent structure of roasted coffee beans. Facilitate the preparation process when there is a need to use. Facilitate some of the gases to release during the roasting process.

Coffee grinding is also very important, it directly affect the quality of finished roasting and grinding coffee cup. If your coffee grinder is not good, coffee beans are ground unevenly, the preparation of roasted coffee will encounter many difficulties, quality is not guaranteed.

Criteria for grinding coffee is that the beans must be ground evenly, generating heat at a minimum level. This also explains why there are coffee grinders costing up to several thousand dollars

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